Monday 18 May 2015

11th Annual International Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams

18-19 May 2015, Amsterdam

Theme: Rapid Response System as engine for hospital safety

Monday 18 May 2015 
08.00h Registration and coffee 
09.00h Conference organiser’s welcome + SRRS vice president’s welcome
Daan Sep
Gary Smith
09.15h Chair:
Daan Sep
Gary Smith
  Rapid Response Systems as engine for hospital safety
Michael Buist
09.45h Dutch National Safety Program and Rapid Response Systems
Cordula Wagner 
10.15h The Dutch approach: two tiered
Peter Tangkau 
10.30h Morning coffee 
11.00h Afferent limb: calling criteria & monitoring
Chair: Cor Kalkman / Colette Ram
Education/ training and RRS
Chair: Anne Lippert / Peter Tangkau
  Single vs multiparameter
Gary Smith
Micha Erwteman
  Continuous monitoring
Ralph So
Education EWS
Niels Egholm Pedersen
  The Worried Sign
Gooske Douw
Team Resource Management
Ada van den Bos
  Australian initiatives for deteriorating hospitalized patients
Daryl Jones
Geke Blok
13.00h Lunch & posterwalk
14.30h Qualitative limb: audit tools
Chair: Mandy Odell / Bernard Fikkers
Chair: Chris Bonafide / Joris Fuijkschot
  Chart analysis
Martine de Bruijne
Patient Safety Management
Cynthia van der Starre
  Video Reflective Feedback
Bas de Vries
PEWS: Achilles heel or holy grail? 
Damien Roland
  Score-to-Door time
Chris Subbe
Triage at the A&E department
Henriette Moll
  Existing registrations
Steve Harris
Alarm fatigue and its relationship to rapid response system effectiveness: The pediatric perspective
  Chris Bonafide
16.00h Afternoon tea 
  Plenary Session
Chair: Chris Subbe / Ralph So
16.30h Critically ill well assessed: evaluation of the RRS in a university medical centre
Friede Simmes 
17.00h Costs and Outcomes of Medical Emergency Teams (COMET trial)
Jeroen Ludikhuize 
17.30h Close of the day and drinks reception
Daan Sep


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