Tuesday 19 May 2015

11th Annual International Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams

18-19 May 2015, Amsterdam

Theme: Rapid Response System as engine for hospital safety

Tuesday 19 May 2015 
08.00h Coffee 
08.20h Opening of the day
Daan Sep
08.30h Chair: Gary Smith / Peter Tangkau

Clinical deterioration in hospital inpatients: the need for another paradigm
Daryl Jones

09.00h Risk and stratification in ward patients
Cor Kalkman
09.30h Morning coffee
10.00h Efferent limb
Chair: Mandy Odell / Anja Brunsveld
Philips session: If the patient is not blue, then the breathing is normal.” - Importance of respiration measurement and EWS workflow
Chair: Dr. Carl Machado, Senior Global Segment Marketing Manager, Philips HealthCare. Böblingen, Germany
Dave Tjan
An Austrian experience of EWS implementation and the importance of respiration measurement
Prof. Dr. Jens Meier, MD, Chief Physician, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. General Hospital Linz, Austria
John Welch
Is respiration that important?” Research & Development insights towards new ways of measuring respiration
Dr. Marcel Dirkes, MD, Philips Research, Department of Patient Care & Measurements, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  The Consultative Intensive Care Nurse
Anita Kogels and Marije van der Terp
  Different hospitals, different teams?
Daryl Jones
11.30h Lunch & postersession (top 5) & posterprizes
13.00h Presidential address iSRRS
Michael DeVita
13.30h Changing the culture
Chair: Solvejg Kristensen / Maaike Langelaan
Roundtable: role of leadership in implementing RRS
Chair: Ian Leistikow and Hans Kerkkamp
  Culture change and national safety program
Maaike Langelaan

Pro-Con Debate: The ICU should triage and assess all deteriorating ward patients
Chair: Michael Buist
Pro: John Welch
Con: Frank Bosch


Surgical Ward
Wilma Jansen

  Culture change and Danish national Safety Program
Solvejg Kristensen

Dutch Surviving Sepsis Campaign
Arthur van Zanten

15.00h Afternoon tea
15.30h Qualitative limb: communication & teamwork
Chair: John Welch / Dave Tjan
Qualitative limb: education
Chair: Michael DeVita / Jan van Vliet
  Advance directives and MET
Frank Bosch
Education curriculum RRS
Anne Lippert
  Barriers to activation of RRS
Mandy Odell
Teaching adv trainees to deal with MET calls
Alex Psirides
  Plenary session
Chair: Ralph So / Chris Subbe
16.30h Hospital of the future
Lucien Engelen
17.00h What is next?
17.30h Closing comments + Society Members Business Meeting + close of the conference
Daan Sep / Daryl Jones


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